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"Today while you were teaching Drums Alive! Street Beats, one of the mom's told me that her daughter who is non-verbal, she rarely speaks, but come Friday night she says over and over "drum at WiggleKids, drum at WiggleKids" You are an amazing person! Thanks so much for all that you do for A.I.R.E Time!"

"My son Ben did class today for the first time. I haven't seen such big smiles and giggles in awhile. When we got in the car he said"come back tomorrow?" Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!! "

Great job to all my students who performed at the Swansea Mall Kid's Fun and Safety Day !!  You were fantastic!!

Drums Alive For Kids!

Here is what parents are saying:

"I had so much fun with the kids tonight. Jamie laughing at me drumming and dancing like a fool makes my heart happy ♥ Thank you for having the courage to chase what you love and providing a wonderful place for our children!! Your an inspiration :-) Jamie will be a regular on Mondays starting next week :-)" 

"BTW, your class this morning was beautiful and inspiring.. just saying'" 

Drums Alive! is an exciting new way to incorporate fitness, hand eye coordination, cognitive learning, rhythm and movement all into one program.  Children just love to express themselves through each and every game, song and activity we play.  Stability balls, pool noodles, silk scarves, drumsticks, etc become tools to create movement like they have never experienced before.

DRUMS ALIVE- 5:15-6:00 PM


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