Where exercise = FUN!!! -
"Coach Kim" Ferrara 
ISSA Certified Youth Fitness Instructor
IYCA Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist
Drums Alive! Certified Basic Instructor
CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certified

Kim's passion is helping children and their families figure out a simple way to stay ACTIVE, eat HEALTHY and live HAPPY.  In today's fast paced world, you'd think it would be easy to "keep moving".  But more often than not, fitness and eating well take a back seat to convenience.  Kim enjoys working with families to help them adopt the habit of moderation.  She truly believes that small changes lead to huge results.

Coach Kim has earned the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award.  She was required to stay active for 30 minutes a day - 5 days a week - for 6 weeks straight.  She is hoping to set a standard that even your everyday activities like household tasks, home improvement projects, and playing with your children are just as effective as going to a gym!  She is really enjoying everything Drums Alive has to offer and is looking forward to the Academic Beats training so she can incorporate more of this absolutely amazing program into schools.  What an amazing way to bring together arts, fitness and academics!!!

 Coach Kim truly enjoys playing with children of all ages and abilities.  Children speak the universal language of FUN.  So no matter their ability level, there is always a way to turn good old fashioned playing into some form of exercise.  Coach Kim considers all of her classes inclusive, but if special classes need to be created to fill a need in a community, she is more than willing to do so.  Sometimes just that extra bit of flexibility can make all the difference in a someone's experience trying something new.  

Contact her anytime with questions on how she can help your child/children get active.



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