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Now booking for birthday parties at our new Swansea Mall location!

Our birthday party packages are perfect for those families who need a solution to the dilemma of how to separate friends and family when it comes to a kid's party.  We make it affordable to get up to 15 of your child's friends together to play for a bit, open presents and share in a slice of birthday cake.  Parties are recommended for ages 3 to 10.  Games and activities are geared towards the average age of party guests and birthday child.

A WiggleKids birthday party will last an hour and a half.  The kids will dance, play games, even experience Drums Alive!  We will open presents (if the parents wishes to do that - some like to play longer and open gifts at home....your choice!) and then end with singing "Happy Birthday" and enjoy a slice of cake before everyone heads home.

What your package includes:

-table cloths
-paper plates
-plastic forks/spoons
-paper napkins
-bottled water for each child
-WiggleKids water bottles for up to 15 children.

Your Price:  $195.00

$50 deposit required to book your date/time.  If you need to cancel your booking within 7 days of the party date, your deposit is non-refundable.

What you need to bring:

-knife to cut the cake
-serving utensils
-if you want something in addition to the bottled water, please consider juice boxes to keep spills to a minimum.
-any extra items for goodie bags 

Additional costs:

If you have more than 15 children, it is $5 per child over the 15.  We please ask that you keep your party at a maximum of 20 children.  This party is meant for fun, safe organized activities and too many children will make that difficult to achieve.

Arrangements can be made to bring in outside food.  There are strict Board of Health guidelines to follow since WiggleKids does not have dishwashing facilities, a refrigerator or a freezer on site.  Most families like to spend more time playing and less time eating.  Celebrating with the birthday cake is usually enough since the kids are playing too much to sit still to eat much anyway.  But the option is there - so please speak to Coach Kim if you would like to hear how we can accommodate you.

Contact Coach Kim at 508-728-8720 or coachkim@wigglekids.org to book your party today!!


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