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A.I.R.E. Time Foundation

Adaptive Inclusive Recreation and Enrichment

AIRE Time Foundation is a non-profit organization (501-3c status pending) whose main focus is to promote understanding, acceptance and awareness of all abilities by providing inclusive recreation programs and events.

WiggleKids is happy to have a partner in inclusive programming.  At WiggleKids, we believe that all children should be able to use their everyday play as their daily exercise regardless of their abilities.

AIRE Time Programs/Classes we offer:

ON THE BALL:   This class is a combination of Drums Alive, jumpin' Beanz and Yogarilla.  It's the best of all the classes we offer at WiggleKids guaranteed to provide tons of sensory input and many many smiles....

Tuesdays at 6:15pm   OR  Thursdays at 6:!5pm

DRUMS ALIVE: STREET BEATS:  This class is a cardio drumming class suitable for teens and young adults with a more severe diagnosis, but all ability levels are welcome and encouraged!  This class rocks it out to some great tunes so everyone learns the routines !!

Saturdays at 11:15am   

Both of these classes are $60 for 10 weeks.  Although attendance in encouraged, we understand you may need to miss a class or two...make up classes are offered.



Upcoming events:

Big Time Game Night 

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